What to See in Lombok, the Water Attractions

The natural consequence of an area that has mountainous areas and hills is the existence of a beautiful waterfall. Waterfalls remain an attractive tourist destination among other attractions. Similarly in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. At least there are water tours frequented by travelers. The freshness of the water and the beauty of its nature make visitors can enjoy the nature of Lombok.What to see in Lombok? Check this out.

Waterfall tour in Lombok, SendangGile Waterfall has a height of about 35 meters. The water is clear and cold to make tourists always spend time to bathe and play in the river that holds water from the hill. This beauty is supported by various trees and plants that line along the eye. Location of this waterfall is not too far away, you will only spend about 15 minutes from the trekking path to Mount Rinjani. The road to the waterfall has been arranged so that you do not have to worry about getting lost. There are at least 500 steps to pass before finally witnessing the beauty of SendangGile. Satisfied playing water and feel the coolness, you can while filling the stomach. There Senaru Restaurant which provides various food. From the lodge of this restaurant you can still see the swift waterfall. As with many other tourist attractions, SindangGile waterfall also keeps a legend story. It is said that the water if used for bathing and washing face will make us stay young. Tiu Pupas waterfall is located in Kerurak village, Genggaleng village, Gangga district. This waterfall has a height of about 50 m with a depth of pond 4 m and area of ​​100 m square. “Tiu” means a large puddle of water, while “Pupas” means a root that grows from a tree that usually lives in river cliffs and High Mountain areas. Here you will see a very beautiful mountain panorama. Eye as far as the eyes are green plants that cool the eyes. This location is still quiet because not many tourists know that the facilities are also not adequate. But because rarely who enjoy Tiu Pupas actually make this place interesting. You can play as much with your friends or relatives without anyone bothering.

Rafting tour in Lombok, for those of you who like the challenge of water / river tours, we provide the means of Games as well as sports, namely Rafting and River Tubing, where you will feel the sensation of river crossing by using RUBBER BOAT or with BUOY. Just try this new tourist rides on this spicy island, the Rafting is managed by “Lombok Rafting”. When I first post a photo rafting on twitter account @lombokkita, many followers who do not believe in Lombok about that tourist attraction. Lombok Rafting This basecamp is located in the village of BatuMekar, Lingsar, West Lombok, close to the sales center location durian Karang Bayan. This basecamp is the finish location of the rafting route traversed, its own river called Jangkok River which empties into Ampenan Beach.To get to the location of his start, we will be escorted by the crew using a pickup truck, with the direction to headwaters, a thrill ride begins while riding this pickup truck, because terrain off-road.

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